Dekton is an innovative ultracompact surface, a technological material composed of a blend of raw materials, porcelain and glass. It benefits from high strength and versatility.
Dekton means excellence in functional beauty for any architectural project.

Why Dekton:

1. Abrasion: Withstands abrasion better than granite and porcelain, making it ideal for all interior and exterior applications including facades & flooring in commercial spaces subject to high activity.
2. Scratch & Impact resistant: Great resistance to impact and scratched makes it perfect for everyday use.
3. Water & Stain Resistant: Dekton boasts verylow porosity, making it extremely resistant to water and stains, it can be easily removed with cleaning products.
4. Extreme temperature and fire resistant
5. UV-ray Resistant: Dekton is unaffected by ultraviolet rays. Its color does not fade or degrade overtime, maintaining the same appareance as the first day it was installed.